Broadway ROKKU

Enjoy a unique breakfast and dinner here!

Start your day with an energising breakfast and enjoy a menu of original, high-quality Japanese dashi while enjoying events in the evening.



Breakfast is a 1-select + semi-buffet, with our signature egg dishes and French toast and Asakusa burgers made with bread from Honoka, Asakusa View Hotel, where the chef prepares the ingredients on a griddle in front of you. Fukagawa-meshi, an Edo-era fisherman's meal, and Asakusa miso are also available. A Japanese meal of miso soup is also available.


Focus on the Dashi (soup stock) Taste The Dashi (soup stock)

Traditional taste of the secret 'golden soup stock', which is full of care and attention. Enjoy to your heart's content the menu using Broadway Rokku's original high-quality Japanese dashi soup stock, which adds flavour and aroma to dishes and enhances the deliciousness of the ingredients.

Open only during events
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