Terms of Use for Internet Reservation System

Upon the use of this Internet reservation system (abbreviated hereinafter as “System”) by Hulic Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (abbreviated hereinafter as “Company”), the Company establish terms and conditions below.

Please use the System after you agree with these terms and conditions.

Article 1 Concerning the Use of The System

  1. Customers must be observant of general manners and morals on Internet utilization and technical rules.
  2. The use of this system by commissioned reservation services, for any reason whatsoever, are expressly forbidden.

Article 2 Penalties for Actions in Violation of Terms of Use

Customers who perform actions which may inconvenience or cause monetary damages to a third party, actions which may interfere with the ability of the Company to provide services or any actions which the Company deems inappropriate, will be refused access to this system as well as the Company.

Article 3 System Environment in Use by the Customer

This system is provided under the pretense that the system environment in use by the customer is compatible. The Company is not responsible for any results achieved due to incompatibility as well as possible ill effects. Additionally, even if the system environment is compatible, the Company is not responsible for any problems and/or ill effects that may occur due to causes that are not administered by the Company.

Article 4 Conditions of the Terms of Use

Only customers who agree to these terms of use may use this system. Additionally, by using this system to place a reservation, it is assumed that the customer has agreed to the terms of use.

Article 5 Services Provided by This System

A portion of the products associated with overnight accommodation provided by the Company may be reserved through the homepage administered by the Company (this homepage)

Article 6 Note Concerning the Use of This System

Services provided by this system do not take precedence over services provided outside of this homepage. This system may become inaccessible due to reasons such as the Company being fully booked.

Article 7 Personal Liability

  1. In the use of this system, all actions and results of actions by the customer or through the customer’s email account, whether the customer is at fault or not, whether the customer is liable or not, will be the responsibility of the customer. Additionally, any damages sustained by a third party, except in situations where the Company is clearly at fault, the customer shall rectify any disputes with the third party.
  2. If the customer, through an action specified below, causes any damages to the Company or this system, the Company may demand restitutions for all damages from the customer.

・If the customer infringes on the terms of use for this system and/or the customer infringes on the terms of the accommodation agreement.
・If a harmful computer program is transmitted to or written into this system.
・If information concerning a third party is transmitted or written on this system.
・If the Company is used for a non-personal purpose without express consent.
・Any other actions that infringe upon legislation which is in effect within Japan.

Article 8 Establishing a Reservation

Reservations are established through the use of this system at the time indicated on the confirmation screen with the details of said reservation. After the reservation is established, the Company’s terms of accommodation agreement and terms of use will be brought into effect.

Article 9 Cancellations and Changes to Reservations

Changes to/cancellations of reservations made through this system are to be made through this system. If changes to/cancellations of reservations can only be made through telephone or email, please specify that the reservation was originally made through this system.

Article 10 Cancellation Fees

If the customer cancels their reservation, the Company, based on the Company’s accommodation agreement, may charge a cancellation fee. For details, please contact the Company by telephone.

Article 11 Application for Reservation

  1. When applying for a reservation through this system, please include all required information, accurately, on the reservation application form for the service/product desired.
  2. If the details provided on the reservation application is found to be inaccurate or incomplete, the reservation may be deemed void.

Article 12 Changes to the System

  1. The Company can change the system at the discretion of the company in following cases.
    (1)When the change in the system conforms to the general interests of customer.
    (2)When it is reasonable in the light of circumstances concerning the change of the system and does not contradict the purpose of making the contract and the necessity of change, the contents of the change, and other changes.
  2. To amend the contents of system, the Company will notice the detail of the amendment and effective date on Company’s website by 30 days before the effective date. Company is able to amend these terms and conditions due to the change of social circumstances or various reasons without notifications to the customers.
  3. When you use the company after the effective date of the accommodation agreement change, we assume that you agreed to the accommodation agreement change.

Article 13 System Shutdown

In the following situations, the Company may temporarily shut down this system without prior notice to customers.

  1. Maintenance for this system or construction.
  2. Natural disasters, incidents and other emergency situations or the possibility of such events, making the operation of this system difficult.
  3. The Company, for a reason unrelated to the above, deems it necessary to temporarily shut down this system.

Article 14 Laws Concerning the Operation of This System

This system is and will be operated in accordance to the laws in effect within the nation of Japan.

Article 15 Validity of these Terms of Use

These terms of use are considered to be valid as of May 1st, 2012. The Company, due to changes in socioeconomic circumstances and other various reasons, reserves the right to revise and alter these terms of use without prior notice to customers.

Amendment July 1st, 2018
Hulic Hotel Management Co., Ltd.


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