Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) applies to all the hotels (the “Hotel”) operated by Nippon View Hotel Co., Ltd. (the “Company”). The site (the “Site”) of Company, written or oral contact to the Company, and handling of personal information collected from or about customers (the “Customer”) via inquiries during their stay at the Hotel or by other means shall be governed by this Policy.
Customers are deemed to agree to the collection and use of personal information as set forth herein when they register or use the service (the “Service”) of the Company. In addition, if any Customer submits personal information of any other person to the Company or the service provider providing the service to the Company, the Customer shall be deemed to have the authority to submit such personal information and permit the Company to use such personal information according to the Policy.

In securing, using and handling the personal information of Customers, the Company will comply with the statutory laws, applicable laws and regulations, guidelines, and this Policy regarding privacy protection.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information
The Company uses the personal information of Customers in various ways for the provision of our Group’s Service, direct marketing, and sales promotions for our Group’s goods. The details thereof are as follows:
– Operation of Service: The Company uses the personal information of Customers for management of the program in which the Customers participate and for the provision of Services customized to each Customer (including facilitation of reservations or payment, operational announcements, confirmation of reservations, sending of messages prior to arrival, support for meetings or events, provision of information about the Hotel at which the Customers lodge and the surrounding area, etc.).
– Management of Contractual Relationship: The Company uses the personal information of Customers in order to manage the contractual relationship between the Company and Customers.
– Event Planning: The Company uses the personal information of Customers in order to provide information related to event planning, and may conduct marketing towards the Customers when they stay as group or participate in an event.
– Marketing and Communication: The Company may use the personal information of Customers in order to provide or present our Group’s newsletters, promotions, and other publicity services. The Company also uses the personal information of Customers to deliver messages, warnings of account suspensions, confirmations of reservations, sending advertisement messages or conducting or holding surveys, draws, or other contests, etc.
– Improvement of Service: The Company may use the personal information of Customers in order to improve the Services, and fulfill the Site, products and services in order to better align with the Customer’s interests. In addition, the Company uses the personal information of Customers to ensure that the Services provided in the Hotel rooms and facilities are satisfactory to the Customers.
– Sending of Statements: The Company may use the e-mail addresses of Customers for sending statements for Services used in the Hotel. The Customer is liable to provide a correct e-mail address. If any Customer makes a reservation for any other person using their own e-mail address, the statement of such person will be sent to the e-mail address of such Customer.
– WEB Members: For Customers who are WEB members, the Company uses their personal information for the purpose of managing WEB membership & programs and personalization of customer experience through our Group’s Services. The Company also uses the personal information of Customers in order to deliver news, promotions, and transaction data for our Group’s Services, and customize the advertisement and contents provided to Customers via online, e-mail, mobile phone, display advertisements, our Group’s website, and the customer service call center.
– Fulfillment of Other Business Purposes: The Company uses personal data and other data for the purposes of data analysis, audits, security and fraud prevention (including through the use of surveillance cameras, card keys, and other security systems), development of new goods and services, expansion, improvement, and modification of Services, analysis of usage trends, measurement of the effectiveness of our Group’s campaigns, and management and expansion of the Company’s business activities.

Disclosure of Personal Information
Except for cases when consent is provided by the Customer, the Company may disclose personal information: (1) when required by laws and regulations; (2) when necessary for cooperation with a government agency, local public entity, or their consignee in the performance any affairs as prescribed by laws and regulations, and when there is reasonable concern that obtaining content may interfere with the performance of such affairs; and (3) when necessary for the protection human life, health, or property, and it is difficult to obtain consent.

Consignment of Handling of Personal Data, etc.
The Company will consign the handling of personal information in whole or in part to the extent that it is necessary for achieving the purpose of use as set forth in the “Purpose of Use of Personal Information” above. The Company will conduct necessary and proper supervision, including enacting of an agreement for the handling of personal information with the consignee to ensure that personal information is managed safely by the consignee.

The Company may share the personal information as stated in the “Personal Information collected by the Company” below with the Company’s consolidated subsidiaries (including NASU INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd and NIPPON VIEW HOTEL Co., Ltd) to the extent that such sharing is necessary for achieving the purpose of use as stated in the “Purpose of Use of Personal Information” above. In such event, the entity responsible for managing the personal information shared commonly shall be the Company, and the responsible person for general management of personal information who will manage general affairs of personal information management and the contact number are as follows.

・Person Responsible for General Management of Personal Information; Director in charge of General Affairs
・Contact No.  03-5828-4429

Personal Information collected by the Company
The Company may collect personal information at any and all stages of business activities. Such personal information may include the following:
. The Customer’s name, sex, address and contact information
. The Customer’s indentifying features, nationality, language, income, passport, visa, ID issued by the government, and travel history of Customers
. Data regarding family and other accompanying guests, including the names and ages of children
. Important dates, including birth date, wedding anniversary, and other special days
. Information regarding itinerary, tour group, and activities
. Information regarding reservation, stays, and visit of Hotels
. WEB membership information
. Information regarding purchases or receipts of products and services
. Payment information, including card number, other card information, authentication information of billing through mobile phone, statement, account information
. Customer requests regarding marketing and contact
. Evaluation and comments about the Hotel (only when they are confirmed to be from, or can be tied to, the Customer)
. Subscription status and membership number for mileage programs or travel partner programs
. Reserved hotel, airline ticket, and car rental package
. Information on the group staying in the Hotel with Customer
. Information provided during subscription or filing an application for an account
. Other information provided voluntarily by the Customer or acquired by the Company through a 3rd party
The Company may also collect the personal information of customers accompanying with the Customers, as well as information pertaining to communications with the Company, including telephone calls to the customer service center.

Other Information than Personal Information
Aside from personal information, the Company may collect non-identifying information (the “Other Information”) regarding the Customer’s usage of Site while exchanging information, including which pages are accessed therein or the number of times accessing the Site. The Company may collect such information by using cookies and other technology. For the details thereof, please refer to the Cookie Statement below.

Management of Personal Information and Construction of Management System
(Formulation and Continuous Improvement of Compliance Program)
The Company will formulate and implement a compliance program for the protection of personal information, to ensure that its officers, employees, and temporary employees are aware of the importance of privacy protection and use said personal information properly. Furthermore, the Company will maintain and continually improve said program.
(Assignment of Person Responsible for Managing Personal Information and Strengthening of Their Function)
The Company will designate a “person responsible for overall personal information management” to oversee personal information protection, and clarify their roles at the same time to ensure that said person will be able to properly carry out their duties regarding privacy protection.
(Establishment of Internal Rules for Personal Information Protection)
The Company will establish internal rules pertaining to personal information protection, demonstrate a clear policy on the handling of personal information, and ensure that all the officers and employees of the Company are aware that any leakage of personal information will result in a harsh response from the Company.
(Implementation of Safety Measures)
In order to ensure accuracy and safety of personal information, the Company will implement safety measures pertaining to personal information, and expend its best effort in preventing wrongful access to, loss, destruction, modification, and divulgement of personal information.
(Enhancement and Fulfillment of Education for Staff)
The Company will enhance and fulfill education regarding the Privacy Policy for its officers, employees, and temporary employees to ensure that all of them will carry out their duties with sufficient knowledge on the Privacy Policy.
(Establishment and Fulfillment of Auditing System)
The Company will seek to establish and fulfill a system for conducting an audit on whether or not the Privacy Policy is being properly carried out.

Protection of Personal Information
The Company will take proper measures to ensure that: (1) all personal information collected by the Company will be protected against wrongful access, divulgement, alteration, or damage; and (2) all personal information is accurate and up-to-date. The Company will take proper measures on the Site to ensure that the transmission of personal information over the Internet will be accurate, including the use of encrypted communication via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Retention of Personal Information
The Company will retain the personal information of Customers only for the period necessary for completion of the purposes as set forth herein. After lapse of retention period or achievement of the purpose of use, the Company will delete said personal information without delay, unless such retention is otherwise required or permitted for a longer period by laws and regulations.
The standards for determining the retention period of personal information by the Company include the following:
. The period in which the Company has an ongoing transactional relationship with the Customer, and is providing service to the Customer (for example, the period when the Customer has an account with the Company or is using the Service)
. Whether it is preferable to retain the personal information in consideration of the Company’s legal standing (including periods of limitation, litigation, and investigation by regulatory agencies)

Cookie Statement
(Company’s Collection and Use of Other Information)
As with many other websites, this Site may use “Cookies” or “other technologies” (including IP addresses). The Company will acquire the information of the Customer’s use of the Site through the use of Cookies and other technologies. The Company may use this information to collect reference data for the evaluation, improvement, and modification of the Site to make the Site more user-friendly for the Customer: provided that the Company will never use such technologies to store password or credit card information.
Cookies are small text files stored in Customer’s computer or mobile devices (collectively, the “Device”) while using the website. Cookies on their own are not personally identifying. However, n under certain circumstances, the Company may link a Cookie of the Company or a 3rd party to the personal information of Customers provided by the Customers themselves or acquired through other means.
(Management of Cookies)
The Customer may choose to delete or block Cookies from their Device at any time, by changing their browser settings (Please refer to the “HELP” menu in your browser for instructions on how to delete or block Cookies). The Company assumes no responsibility for the Customer’s browser settings.
(Other Technologies)
. Analytics: The Company will collect browser information (including type, version, and terminal of browser), information on the access environment (including screen resolution, OS, and language), location information (including IP address and region) and information on visits (including dates, inflow information, whether they are new or repeat visitors, length of stay, time of stay, and pages accessed), by using Google Analytics, which uses Cookies and technologies that collect and analyze data on the use of the Service. Google Analytics also collects information on the use of other websites, applications, and online resources. Please see Google’s website for Google’s privacy policy, and the Google Analytics website for an explanation of Google Analytics’ terms of service. To opt out, please download Google Analytics Opt-out add-on on their website. For details on Adobe’s Privacy Policy, or to opt out, please refer to the Site thereof.
. IP address and Others: The Company collects Customers’ IP address information.
An IP address is a number automatically assigned to the computer by the internet service provider (ISP). IP addresses are identifiable, and will be automatically recorded in the Company’s server log file when the Customer accesses the online services, along with information on the time of access and pages accessed. The Company uses IP addresses for the purposes of behavior analysis of visitors via Google Analytics and providing advertisements to the visitors through Display-Retargeting advertisements. In addition, the Company may also use the Customer’s IP address to estimate their approximate geographical location. Moreover, the Company will collect browser information (including type, version, and terminal of browser), information on the access environment (including screen resolution, OS, and language), location information (including IP address and region) and information on visits (including dates, inflow information, whether they are new or repeat visitors, length of stay, time of stay, and pages accessed), in addition to IP addresses, for the purposes stated above.

Modification of and Access to Personal Information
If any Customer is a WEB member, any information provided by the Customer to the Company upon registration may be checked or renewed at any time by signing in to the Customer’s WEB membership profile.
In addition, the Customer may request for (1) notice of the purpose of use, (2) disclosure, (3) correction, addition, or deletion, (4) cessation of use or deletion, and (5) suspension of provision to a 3rd party (the “Disclosure”) of Customer’s personal data retained in the database run by the Company, within the scope provided for by law. However, the Company may not be able to continue to provide the same quality and diversity of Service as provided before upon receipt of a request for disclosure.

Complaint and Comments on the Handling of Personal Information
The Company will promptly and properly respond to any complaints and other inquiries from the Customer on the handling of personal information. For any requests for Disclosure of personal information retained by the Company, complaints regarding the handling of personal information, or other inquiries, please contact:
NIPPON VIEW HOTEL Co., Ltd, General Affairs Department
TEL: 03-5828-4429 (weekdays from 9 a.m.~6 p.m.)
e-mail: [email protected]

Modification of the Policy
The Company may modify this Policy at any time. Any modification hereof will come into effect from the time when this Policy is uploaded in the Site. Customers will be deemed to have agreed to the latest effective version of this Policy upon use of the Site, the product or Service of the Company after such modification, or consents to the renewed Statement.

Effective Date: November 15, 2019

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