What is your cancellation policy?

One day prior to the check-in date: 20% of the room rate. The day of the check-in date: 80% of the room rate. No Show: 100% of the room rate.

Check-in/Check-out Times

You can check in any time after 3:00 p.m. and stay until 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure. Notes: Some deals may have different check-in/check-out times. Please find out when you make a reservation.


There is no curfew, but if you are going to arrive later than your intended time, please let the front desk know.

Luggage Storage and Shipping Services

[Luggage Storage] (Luggage storage before check-in/after check-out) If you want to leave your luggage with us before check-in or after check-out, we are happy to hold it at the loby on the 1st floor. [Luggage storage before arrival] If you want to ship your luggage to our hotel before arrival, send it to the address below after making a room reservation. We will keep it for you until you arrive. *Make sure that you write your check-in date and the names of all the people who are going to stay with us. Please note that we cannot accept cash, valuables, or anything that needs to be refrigerated. Address: c/o Ryogoku View Hotel 2-19-1 Ryogoku Sumida Ward Tokyo Prefecture 130-0026 Japan Tel. 03-3631-8111 【Delivery service】 If you want to ship a package from our hotel, delivery service is available at the loby on the 1st floor. Shipping boxes can be purchased.

Parking Lots

The hotel does not have parking lots. Please use coin-operated parking facilities in the neighborhood.

Internet Service

All the guest rooms are provided with free Wi-Fi.

Services for Children

Preschoolers can stay with their parents or guardians for free of charge. Please note that towels, in-room amenities or bed guards for them are not provided. If they need their own beds, they will be treated and charged as adult guests.

Can you tell me about the accommodation tax in Tokyo?

100yen for rooms from 10,000yen to 14,999yen/guest and one night. 200yen for rooms 15,000yen or more/guest and one night. * Depending upon your stay package, cancellation policies may differ. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your stay package.

Online Booking