There are a lot of things to do around Irako View Hotel, ranging from taking a ferry or a sightseeing boat to visiting places of natural beauty and historic interest.

Cape Irago Lighthouse

Overlooking the Black Current in the Pacific Ocean and calm deep blue waves in Mikawa Bay, the Cape Irago Lighthouse is a white lighthouse that stands at the tip of the Atsumi Peninsula. It has been guiding ships and helping them reach their destinations safely since it was built in 1929. It became one of the top 50 lighthouses in Japan as the most memorable lighthouse in 1998. It is only a 5 minute drive from Irako View Hotel.

Koiji-ga-hama Beach

Koiji-ga-hama is a beautiful beach that stretches for about 1 kilometer along the Pacific Ocean from the Cape Irago Lighthouse to Hii-no-Sekimon (the Stone Gate of Sunrise).
It is nicely curved by the wild waves of the Pacific Ocean. It has been chosen as one of the ""100 best beaches"" in Japan. It also has been chosen as one of the ""100 best beach views"" and one of the ""100 best nature sounds."" The cycling road along the beach has been chosen as one of the ""100 best roads"" as well.
It is a 5-minute drive and a 5 minute walk from Irako View Hotel.

Hii-no-Sekimon (the Stone Gate of Sunrise)

Hii-no-Sekimon is a "gate" formed by two pieces of rock with a cave in the middle carved by wind and the wild waves of the Pacific Ocean. One of the rocks, Oki-no-sekimon is located in the sea, and the other, Kishi-no-sekimon, is located on the shore. They work together to frame a beautiful rising morning sun. Also enjoy overlooking Kamishima Island and then the Shima Peninsula to the west of Hii-no-Sekimon, and Katahama Jūsanri Beach that stretches endlessly to the east. 5 minute drive from the hotel.

Atsumi Peninsula Nanohana (rape blossoms) Festival

On the Atsumi Peninsula, over 10 million yellow rape blossoms bloom from early January to late March every year. During the period the peninsula has rape blossom picking and a market selling the local specialties. Don't miss a chance to see the illuminated blossoms in the evening, too. 10 minute drive from the hotel.

Melon Picking

The Atsumi Peninsula, one of the main melon production areas in Japan, grows super sweet muskmelons. Take your time, pick a ripe one, and taste it. Different farms offer different services including melon picking and melon all-you-can-eat.
May - November. (Peak June - August) 10 - 20 minute drive from the hotel.

Ise Grand Shrine

The Ise Grand Shrine is loved and called "Oise-san" by Japanese people. It is a shrine complex consisting of 125 Shinto shrines including two main ones, Naikū (inner shrine) and Gekū (outer shrine). Naikū (formally Kōtai Jingū) is dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu Ōmikami, who is worshipped as the ancestor of the Japanese imperial family and Japanese people. Gekū (formally Toyouke Daijingū) is dedicated to Toyouke-no-Ōmikami, a guardian of Japanese people, who protects them in their everyday life and business. It takes about 100 minutes to go to Ise Grand Shrine from the hotel by car and ferry. (Isewan Ferry)

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