Narita Onsen "Biyu"

Feel relaxed and rejuvenated in a natural hot spring bath.

Narita View Hotel is the only hotel in Narita that offers a bath facility with natural hot spring water. The sodium-chloride hypertonic water gushes from 1,000 meters below ground. It is very moisturizing and leaves the skin smooth and youthful. It also rejuvenates a tired body, and eases nerve and joint pain.

Narita Onsen "Biyu"

Don't miss a superb view from the open-air baths that you can only enjoy in Narita.

Both the men's and women's open-air baths offer a magnificent view of airplanes landing at and taking off from Narita International Airport, a view that you can only enjoy in Narita.


Open-air Bath


Open-air Bath/Herbal Bath

* Types of herbs used vary daily.


Indoor Bath


Mist Sauna






Relaxation Area


Massage Room

Business Hours

12:00 noon - 12:00 midnight (The reception closes at 11:30 p.m.)

6:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. (For guests with some special plans only)

About Facility

  • Size/bathing area 357 m2
  • relaxation area 224 m2
  • Quality/sodium-chloride hypertonic hot spring water
  • Health benefits/eases nerve and joint pain, improves poor circulation, and more
  • For men/indoor bath, lie-down bath, steam bath, rock bath, sauna & cold water bath
  • For women/indoor bath, steam bath, rock bath, mist sauna, herbal bath
  • Relaxation area/lounge, lounge for women, massage room


  • Adult: 1,500 yen (bathing tax included)
  • Children (4 - 12 years old): 750 yen
  • * Tattoos, big or small, including stickers are not allowed. Please refrain from using the facility if you are intoxicated.

  • * Young children in diapers are not allowed in the facility.

  • * We may ask you to wait or come back later during busy hours.

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